I'm Roger, but you can call me what my friends call me: Rog. My parents always said to me from a young age that I wasn't "sciency" (that was my sister's domain), that I was an "English and arts type of kid." I guess I'll never know if I could have been a good biologist, but that's fine because as it turns out I like what I'm doing anyhow.

I notice details and turn them over in my head. I like ordering my collection of watches perfectly parallel. I like a clean car. I like a clean page of text: commas, capitals and colons all sorted. I really like my words straight on the page so I know what I mean - even if it takes a postgrad degree. And I like a clean wax-job on my surfboard.

Commercial Work

The Hair Styler

Web Writer with Many Hats

Since leaving university Iíve worn many hats. I've been a writer of features and blogs for a whole heap of websites; I've been an online editor - of an international hair website, international education websites, and a whole network of marketing websites; I've done some SEO, content strategy and a dash of IA, and even project managed website redesigns.


  • In 2008 I got a real kick at thehairstyler.com writing blogs about hairstyles and getting pretty good at search-optimising them.
  • As the online editor at Study Group I had a chance in 2010 to be the lead in a major website redesign. I also learned some valuable HTML and CSS skills.
  • In 2011, working mainly as a copywriter for PermissionCorp, I had the opportunity to write some animated videos and collaboarate on TVCs.

Gear Patrol

Freelance Writing

I also do some freelance writing around the place- and this is where I get to write about stuff I really like. In 2008 I was part of the editorial team at Gear Patrol, a popular men's lifestyle website, and I've been a contributor to the surfing website Mesurf.


  • Writing for Gear Patrol was great - it was an awesome chance to review gear I like (and score a few freebies). My review of Aussie brand Crumpler was a laugh.
  • By far the biggest highlight of all was interviewing my idol (and the very famous) surf filmmaker, Taylor Steele. He makes amazing films and it was awesome to chat with him. Check out the interview on Mesurf...
Print Work
Ultimate Hairstyles magazine

Print Work

As well as my online work, I do some freelance magazine writing too. Most recently I was the editor of the Australian hair magazine Ultimate Hairstyles (published by Derwent Howard).
  Academic Work In The Mood For Love

Academic Essays

I've worked here and there around Sydney as a university lecturer and tutor, and in-between jetting from place to place I've had a few of my essays published. Here's a selection:

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